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Aloloom English Forums Rules

If you wish to register for AloloomEnglish Forums please take note of the following guidelines. These restrictions apply to facilitate cool-headed and reasonable dialogue in opposition to the rash and chaotic insanity one tends to see on unsupervised forums and websites on the internet:

1. Anonymity: Anonymity is discouraged and is not tolerated by this website. Those who use anonymity and uses pseudonyms and nick names will be rejected by the moderator. We as people of sunnah, believe that pseudonymity or anonymity inherently discredits the validity of a statement, and we strive hard to use our real names here. Please use your real name followed by your father’s name or your kunyah, and we encourage you to declare your nationality and/or current geographical location, as well. For example, if your name is ahmad and your father’s name is ali and if you are from yemen then your user name should be ahmad bin ali al-yemeni.

2. To cut off the paths to fitnah, we do not allow any sisters to register on the forum.

3. Be nice: Please do not use foul, hateful, or disrespectful language in your posts, and please do not use the forum as an outlet for hateful or bigoted tirades ; do understand the purpose and intent of this forum–this forum is intended to foster knowledge of the qur’aan and sunnah upon the understanding of the salaf as-saalih.
Personal attacks against any individual, individuals or even unfounded, unjustified hateful remarks or comments against any groups shall not be tolerated and such posts would be either deleted or edited.

4. Know your sources: If you wish to make a statement based on some amount of research, please back yourself up with proper sources. A hyperlink to a website with a short description would suffice (or if it is from a printed book, please provide the name of the book, the name of the author, name of the publisher, page numbers if possible so that we may, or anyone else may, verify your claims).
If you’re posting content from other sites, please avoid copy and pasting the whole article. Simply quote a paragraph or two, or even just a description of the content, and then place a link to it. This applies more so when the content is found on authentic salafee sites, be they in ‘arabic or english.

5. Language: Please write your posts in clear english.

6. Commercials: Our forum is not a commercial one. And disgracing the da’wah by shamelessly begging in the name of religion is strictly prohibited in this forum.

7. Edits: Posts are not set in stone, and if someone wants a retraction or an edit, please contact us and insha allah, we’ll comply as soon as possible.

8. Topicality: Keep all posts within the scope of the content, please. We’d like to discourage any idle talk that may hinder us from our goals.

9. We will not tolerate pictures of animate beings.

10. Notice: No full membership will be granted to those unknown to the brothers who supervise and moderate this website, neither will it be given to those who are unable to benefit the community.

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