*The CONSUMPTION of medicine comprising the placenta post-labour*

_A question directed to Sheikh Abdulhameed al hajooree حفظه الله_

*Questioner asks:*

Medical researchers here in the U.K. claim that there are medical and health benefits contained within the placenta of the woman post-birth. In recent times, they have begun placing it in medicine, a process undertaken by transforming it into a capsule-form medicine. That which they advise is that the woman should take this medicine upon giving birth. So is it permissible for her to take this medicine which contains that which exited from her?

*The Sheikh حفظه الله answers:*

"No, that is Haraam, that is something which exited from the human being, flesh or that which is similar to it from the person, so it's not permissible, it is Haraam.

*Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother* _[Surat al Hujraat:12]_

The flesh of the person is Haraam."

*Questioner asks:*

And that would not fall under that which they refer to as chemical transformation?

*The Sheikh حفظه الله answers:*

"No transformation and nothing else of that, the person should leave it and should instead treat himself with medicine which doesnt contain anything from this, except if they gave it to him whilst he is unknowing, in which case the sin is upon them. As for the case where he knows this is from the placenta or that it's from the meat of a pig or that it's from Alcohol and then he consumes it then this is impermissible, Haraam.

*"Allaah did not make the cure of my Ummah in that which has been made impermissible for them"*

And it is not improbable that the Jews and the Christians brought us these types of things so as to corrupt the religion of the Muslims and to corrupt the sisters of the Muslims, and to corrupt the food of the Muslims with these repulsive things."

_[End of the Sheikh's speech]_

*Transcribed and translated by*

Abu Mu'aawiyah Abdullah

_غفر الله له ولوالديه_