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    A Series of Refutations on Spubs

    A Series of Refutations on Spubs

    1: Unveiling the Deception behind "In Defense of the Scholars", is a 40+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah ibn Mohan Al-Hindi.

    To Download: http://www.aloloom.net/download_book.php?id=348

    2: Refutation on the response of SPUBS, addresses the points made by SPUBS in an email sent on October 18, 2010.

    To Download: http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs/radd2.pdf

    3: The Victory of the lord of the Creation in Clarifying SPUBS' Deviation, is a 60+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah bin Mohan Al-Hindi which continues to shed light on the affair of the SPUBS group .

    Read and Approved by: Our honourable Shaikh, The Allamaah, The Muhaddith of Yemen, Abee Abdir-Rahman Yahya bin A'lee Al-Hajooree (may Allah protect him).

    To Download:http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs/victory.pdf

    4:Relative talk about what was posted on Salafitalk.

    To Download :http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs/radd3.pdf

    5:In Defense of the Trustworthy Advisor from the Injustices and Scorn of The Ones Put to Trials in the Religion: A Response to Abdul Ghanee ibn Goodchild al- Guyaanee.

    To Download:http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs/radd4.pdf

    6:A Clarification of the deceptions of Salafipublications.

    To Download:

    7:Knowledge Based Refutation of Abdullah Al-Gambi

    To Download: :

    8:Musa Millington's Advice to Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

    To Download: http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs/mill.pdf

    9:Returning a reply to the doubts of Abu Khadeejah and clarifying the reality of the Maktabah's bayaan -

    To Download: http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs ... deejah.pdf

    10:An Accurate Answer to the Question of SPUBS: Why is Maktabah Asl-Salafiyyah Refuted by Ash-Shaykh Yahyaa and others?

    To Download: http://www.juzammapublications.com/pubs ... answer.pdf

    To read the statements of the Mashaayikh regarding Spubs click the thread below:

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    A Series of Refutations of the Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq

    A Series of Refutations of the Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq

    1) A Clarification of the book ‘Foundations of The Sunnah


    2) A Timely Response to the Shenanigans of Amjad Rafiq of Spubs (may Allah guide them)


    3) A Refutation on Amjad Rafeeq


    4) A Gift of Guidance to Abu Iyaad regarding the Issues of Eeeman


    5) Another Response to the Feeble Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq


    6) A Second gift for the one who opposed the clear Usool


    7) A Rational Reply to the False Claims of Amjad


    8) Has Spubs been Attacked or Advised?

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    Spubs said on their website salafitalk

    Where is the statement of Shaykh Ubayd where he said "Sayyid Qutb is not an innovator?" Allah has ordered justice and this does not mean you can pick and choose who you want to be just to, it means you have to apply justice to everyone, even those whom you might dislike and hate, for whatever reason. And when it comes to ascribing statements to others, then one has to fear Allaah and be just
    Their fanaticism for Ubayd has lead them to deny what is on audio, listen to the audio below where Ubayd al-Jaabiree said Sayyid Qutub is not an innovator .


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    Posted by Ehsan bin Manzoor

    A Gift for Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid in Informing him that Ad-Da’wah As-Salafiyyah With us is not a Sandwich, will he accept?

    Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid; the same individual that composed “Do not Vilify Ahlus-Sunnah”, we now find vilifying Ahlus-Sunnah in conferences, one that listens to his recording that took place this London Conference in where he yells and spills out what he truly felt for a compilation of quotes of the Imaam - the Mujadid Muqbil Bin Haadee Al-Waadi’ee, may Allah have mercy upon him, in the following link will notice he is playing around with the minds of some of the Salafis.1


    What is it that truly enraged him? The quotes of this compilation or the title? Because if you see on the following link, you find that they have put up Ad-Ductoors ‘So-called’ retraction, in which I must note that at least one of the Du’aat of SPUBS that I know of does not agree that it is a RETRACTION!!!! However you find that the members of Salafitalk had posted this ‘so called’ retraction up and till this day it is still up.1

    So with this we ask:1

    1IWhy do you not have a defence of the great Imaam Rahimahullah in the section of your website ‘Defence of the scholars’ against these wicked statements?1

    2IDo you regard what Ad-Ductoor said about Imaam Muqbil as a slander?1

    3IHad the same speech been said against Shaykh Ubaid, would you have likewise ignored it and accept the ‘so-called retraction’?1

    4IWhat is more severe in slander, Ad-Ductoors statement about Imaam Muqbil: "And it is for that reason, not everyone that comes to us from Dammaj (we consider him to be) a Sunni, we would think that all of the people are under the influence of their Shaykh, that they are khawaarij with this ideology" or the Hizbee Abu Usaamah Ad-Dhahabees’ statement about Al-Waalid Al-‘Allaamah Ash-Shaykh Rabee’: “Shaykh Rabee’ should stop cursing the dead people”?1

    5IWhy is that when you were spoken to by our brother Musa Millington Hafidhahullah in your trip to Trinidad about the slander of Ad-Ductoor against Imaam Muqbil you said you do not want to get involved in the Fitnah, and therefore when we translated the works of the Mashaayikh of Yemen in defence of Imaam Muqbil on Aloloom.net, we did not hear a peep from you or anyone else on Salafitalk, yet when ash-Shaykh Saalih Sadlaan spoke about Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ you allowed anyone to post whatever they could translate and bring forth? So who considered this to be Fitnah and that not to be Fitnah? And why is there a distinction?1

    6IThe defence against Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ of what Abu Usaamah slandered him with was placed in the affairs of Manhaj on Salafitalk, so seeing that this is an affair of Manhaj, does this not require you as ‘Du’aat’ of the west to clarify to the Salafiyyeen this affair? As the Salaf used to regard “Speaking ill of the people of narration a sign of the people of innovation”1

    7IWhy in the London Conference, do you out rightly defend Ad-Ductoor for his Salafiyyah but yet once again cowardly flee away from defending Shaykh Muqbil and the Yemeni Mashaayikh from being upon the ideology of the Khawaarij? If you were true in the fact that you do not want to get involved in this and in your claim that this is Fitnah then why speak about it in such a large venue, hmmmmm?1

    8IAre there more Mashaayikh in Saudi or in Yemen? If the answer is Saudi, then why was your excuse in mentioning the Yemeni Mashaayikhs names the fact that there are so many yet you didn’t forget to mention certain Mashaayikh in Saudi? Perhaps some hidden political schemes Yaa Aba Khadeejah!!! just as you said to me in the phone conversation and I withheld from telling ash-Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan, Hafidhahullah, about this just as I got of the phone saving your back, you said to me: “….ahhh I understand now, the stance that we took against you brothers was not a Deeni stance but rather a Political one” (his statement “you brothers”, he means by this some of the brothers that have come back from Dammaj in London)1

    9IIs your silence from defending ash-Shaykh Muqbil likewise a political stance?1

    10IIs Shaykh Muqbils name only now used to your own advantage and when it suits you as is found in your article: Collecting Sadaqah, Should it Lead to Division and Warning? where you have very comfortably highlighted the word: financially?1

    11IAnd this last question is posed to the readers, (no need for you to answer yaa Abaa Khadeejah, we know your answer Ibtisaamah) who does it really seem like that Ad-Da’wah As-Salafiyyah is a Sandwich to?1

    I hope we do not have to wait till next years London conference for the answers Yaa Abaa Khadeejah!!!!1

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    Spubs stated:1

    Yahyah al-Hajooree stated regarding al-Allaamah Ubaid al-Jaabiree that his "fitnah" will not harm Dammaj rather it is like the "passing wind (flatulence) of an old man"! and "that he is blind in sight and insight", referring to the fact that Shaikh Ubaid is blind in his eyes

    Likewise they tried to deceive the people regarding the statement of Shaykh Yahya , Shaykh Yahya's speech was specific to his warning from Damaaj not general to his fitnah, so that you mislead the people to think otherwise, ash-Shaykh Yahya said:1

    His(Ubayd al-Jaabiree's) warning from Damaaj is like the wind of an old man (meaning not affective), as this is a wellknown phrase to the Yemenis which only means that which is not affective.1

    Also Shaykh Yahya was clarifying to the people that he is not only blind in sight(vision), he is likewsie blind of insight(of the heart) which is more dangerous

    As for the claim that ash-Shaykh Yahya is rebuking him for the blindness of his eyes then that is false.

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    Spubs stated:1

    Further no one from the Scholars preceded him in his refutation nor did anyone approve of it, nor did anyone join him! Except of course for some of his fanatical ignorant followers.

    So nor did anyone approve of it nor did anyone join ash-Shaykh Yahya in refuting Ubayd al-Jaabiree except the ignorant, this is a clear lie which opposes reality:1

    Below are some of the people of knowlegde with Shaykh Yahya in his refutation against Ubayd al-Jaabiree

    ash-Shaykh Abu Bakr Maahir al-Misree(in Eygpt)1
    ash-Shaykh Saleem al-Hilaalee(in Jordan)1
    ash-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ibrahim al-Misree(in Eygpt)1
    ash-Shaykh Muhammad Maan'e(in Sana'a)1
    ash-Shaykh Ahmad U'thmaan al'Adany(in Aden)1
    ash-Shaykh Hassan bin Qaasim ar-Raymee(in Ta'az)1
    ash-Shaykh AbdurRaqeeb al-Kawkabaanee(in Sana'a)1
    ash-Shaykh Abu Amr al-Hajooree
    ash-Shaykh Abdul Hameed al-Hajooree
    ash-Shaykh Abdullah Hassan al-Ishmooree(in Saudi)1
    So all of the above are fanatical ignorant followers!!!1

    Those are just some of the people of knowledge with ash-Shaykh Yahya, let alone the fact that if ash-Shaykh Yahya was alone it would have not made a difference due to the Jama'ah is that which agrees with the truth even if you are alone, as Abdullah Mas'ood, may Allah be pleased with him, stated.

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    More mistranslated works and Distortions from Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis of the Speech of the Scholars

    After bringing proofs and evidences to Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis (Spubs) of his mistranslations of the speech of the Scholars in which are in reality distortions to their statements, so much so Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ and Ash-Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee and others are not safe from his heedless and ignorant ways of incorrectly conveying their speech (as been brought to light on aloloom.net). Despite all this, I come to know that this evil trait of Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis is something he has been trailed with for several years whereas I attached below an audio clip which is over 10 years old which is another distortion from Bilal Davis for the speech of Ash-Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajooree regarding the affair of Hijrah

    While I likewise attached another audio clip as a source of reference for the full speech of the question presented in regards to it

    Al-Imaam Ibn Sireen, may Allah have mercy upon him, was very truthful when he said:1
    “Verily this knowledge is deen, so look to whom you take your deen (religion) from”

    Listen to the audio-clip click:
    Listen to the full speech click:

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    jazaakallaahu khair

    The way that Bilal Davis "translated" the words of the shaikh cannot be considered a slip or a simple mistake, but a gross distortion. Because shaikh Yahyaa said connected the two affairs, the waajibaat and sunan, when he said maa yuqeemoon al waajibaat was sunan, placing them together and one after another, but Bilal separated the two affairs and disconnected the fi'l (verb) yuqeemoon from them, and he translated one part correctly for the sunan but disorted the affair of the waajibaat.

    Even if it were a simple mistranslation this changes the entire meaning and it is dangerous to rely on his translations

    A more accurate translation inshaa-Allaah is here:

    may Allaah guide him and us

    Posted by Mohsin

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    Also another important factor to prove that Bilal Davis is not trustworthy, is him totally denying all what was witnessed from him of slanders and lies against Ash-Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree and ridiculous statements, which all can be found here

    Bilal Davis denied all what was ascribed to him, as was narrated against him on the date16-09-2011 by some brothers.1

    However Bilal Davis confirmed to the brothers at Troid what he initially denied, as found below a testimony of our brother Aboo Zayd Muhammad bin Abdillah

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Asalamu 'Alyka wa Rahmatullah

    A few days after the brothers posted what took place with Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis on aloloom.net, when he was lecturing at a University, myself and a few brothers were talking about it and the speech of 'Abdul-Kareem McDowell at Troid centre, and we were all displeased with McDowell's speech and a small group of us were also displeased by Bilaal Davis's speech, while the rest chose to not believe it until they confirmed it directly or through other sources. So the brothers approached Ahmad Assing the president of Troid. After Making excuses for Bilaal Davis and McDowell and saying McDowell is not affiliated with spubs, he said you guys can speak to Bilaal Davis yourselves to confirm what he said. So they called him, the call was on speaker mode and I was a witness, he confirmed the venue and that he was asked about Shaykh Yahia. He confirmed what the brothers conveyed from him except the "we have things on him too" part. He even said that "thiqaat" who were in Dammaaj back in the day told him that Shaykh Yahia used to sell things for a few riyal and he does not understand why they are being refuted for doing Tijaarah like he used to. He also said that the brothers did not convey his "intention." Then one of the brothers asked him what he meant by "we have things on him too." He said he did not intend any Tanaqus (belittlement) of the Shaykh but he is not please about what the Shaykh has said about Shaykh Ubayd and other Mashaykh are not happy with it. Some of the fanatics considered this him denying saying anything about Shaykh Yahia and they began praising Bilaal Davis, and spreading it to others and another group of them knowingly stayed silent about the lies. This took place at the time that Bilaal Davis and his allies were claiming to be Mutawaqqif in this fitnah, and that they are staying out of it and telling everyone to stay out of it.

    Aboo Zayd Muhammad bin Abdillah bin Sheikh-Elmi

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    In view of the fact that Bilal Davis is still falsely claiming that ash-Shaykh Rabee’ regards ash-Shaykh Yahya to be a haddadee, whereas through this Bilal Davis is in reality attacking the honour of al-Allaamah Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ by indirectly ascribing to Ash-Shaykh Rabee that he requested from a hadaadi (extremist) to give a tele-link lecture for his students at his house, through requesting from Ash-Shaykh Yahya al-Hajooree the so-called Hadaadi in the eyes of Bilal Davis, to give a tele-link lecture to his (i.e. Shaykh Rabee’s) house for his students.

    Also Bilal Davis persist upon naming his post on KhalafiTalk “the Characteristics of the new hadaaddiyah by Shaikh Rabee’”

    So tell us Oh Bilal Davis is the noble Shaykh Rabee’ in contact and support of hadaadis, this is actually defaming the Noble Scholar Shaykh Rabee’ himself, given that the aim of his aforementioned post was to mislead the readers to believe that “the new haddadiyyah” that ash-Shaykh Rabee’ is refuting is ash-Shaykh Yahya and his students.

    The bizarre thing after all this is that Bilal Davis yet still claims to respect Ash-Shaykh Rabee’.

    Likewise we takes this opportunity to thank Ash-Shaykh Rabee’ for his support against the raafidhah contrary to what Bilal Davis did by persisting to propagate his attacks upon Damaaj via internet despite the fact they were going through a siege and while being attacked by the raafidhah.

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    Posted by Alee Natheil

    بسم الرحمن الرحيم

    The (DESPERATE SPUBS) say in their new speech,

    "Rather it is the blind-followers of Yahyah in the West that are unknown, and that is even if they sign their own real names! And that is because they are unknown to the ulamah and unknown to the students of knowledge and the people of virtue, their trustworthiness is not established, and are therefore not to be accepted as being trustworthy, as is well known in the sciences of hadeeth. Rather, their attacks upon the people of virtue from the ulamah, shows they are not trustworthy at all, rather they are abandoned due to their enmity against the Scholars of hadeeth and Salafiyyah."

    The brothers forgot that I, Ali Ibn Nathaniel Grays, acquired membership with them on Salafitalk.net in 2006. They allowed me to post numerous translations during this time. From these posts are the following which were advice to them, but they were too blind to see:

    1. _________________________________
    2. ________________________________

    Getting a membership on Salafitalk was easy as 1, 2, 3. I just logged in and got a membership easily without anyone knowing me or anyone recommending me. If this was the situation with me, what about the hundreds of other members found on their site. I abandoned Salafitalk after I realized the deceptions of some of the administration (SPUBS). Below is the advice I sent them about 3 months ago requesting some immediate change in their behavior. There was only one other brother that knew about this advice. The brother works with SPUBS. I requested that if the brother saw any error in the advice to let me know, and I would go publicly and recant for anything written in the advice. The brother (a student) never wrote me back after requesting twice from him to check for any errors. I will never reveal the brother's identity because I am a man of my word, but if he reveals himself then that is upon him. After the advice, you will also see the response of SPUBS in which they didn't deny anything. Oh SPUBS, please stop duping are brothers and sisters in the West. Is the microphone and money that important? Fear Allah, my brothers and make TAUBA quickly.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the Alameen. May praise and peace be upon the Messenger, his family, and his companions, and those that follow his guidance until the Day of Reckoning.

    To Proceed: Brothers in Al-Islam, I write this letter following the statement of the Prophet (praise and peace be upon him), "The religion is advice. We said: For whom? He said: For Allah, and for His Book, and for His Messenger, and for the Imams of the Muslims and the common people." There are a few points that I would like to bring to your attention as advice to you, dear brothers in Al-Islam. We were commanded to change an evil if we see it, either with our hands, our speech, or our hearts. Calling to Allah was the occupation of the Prophets and Messengers, so there is no doubt about its virtues as Allah mentioned in the Quran,

    "و من أحسن قولا ممن دعا إلى الله و عمل صالحا و قال إنّنى من المسلمين" سورة فصلت 33

    "And who is better in speech than he who [says: "My Lord is Allah (believes in His Oneness)," and then stands firm (acts upon His Order), and] invites (men) to Allah's (Islamic Monotheism), and does righteous deeds, and says: "I am one of the Muslims." Surah Fussilat, 33

    You have been working in the field of dawa for many years, and as you know the caller has to have certain qualities that can ensure the effectiveness in his efforts in calling to Allah. From the most important of these characteristics are: sincerity, knowledge, and honesty. Even if one of these qualities is absent, the credibility of the caller would be in question. The evidence for these qualities is known, but if you are not aware of them I will present them upon request.
    For some time, I have had some concerns regarding your dawa efforts that should be immediately rectified. As you know, many of the salafees in the states and UK do not have access to the scholars or students of knowledge except through you and the callers in the states, so what ever information you feed them that is all they will possess. Some of the things that I have witnessed are:

    1. Some of you continue to give lectures, classes, and write refutations without meeting the requirements that were agreed upon with Shaikh Muhammad ibn Haadee Al-Madkhali in 1426. You may have recommendations for your salafiyah but where are your recommendations for desiminateing knowledge from a known shaikh (first and foremost) that is familiar with your knowledge or a recognized Islamic institution? We should not use general recommendations for our salafiyah to gain a platform to give lectures or classes. Many people have traveled to the ulema to gain these praises only to return to their country and use these recommendations to dupe the people and push their personal agendas. I'm not accusing you of this, but it should be mentioned because this is a reality. May Allah grant me and you the Tawfeeq!

    2. Removing post from Salafitalk.net without giving any excuses or in some cases tampering with someone's original post and then posting it. Brothers, this can be extremely deceptive. Spubs are part of the administration on the forum, so you are responsible for what people posts on that website. For example, someone posted a message from Abu Abdul- Alaa Khalid Uthman, from Egypt, in which he said Shaikh Majdi Sultan, Shaikh Abu Bakr Maahir, and Muhammad Ibrahim were on the way of the Hadaadees without any proofs at all, this was followed by a link to Salafyink, where the original post came from. This post stayed up about a month or more, and then it was removed. Why? There should be an explanation to the reason this post was removed either by the one that posted it or the administration because people will spread this speech believing that these brothers are Hadaadees without any proof except Khalid Uthman said it, and that is not proof at all. Our brother, Majdi Sultan, sat with the Ulema in Saudi for fifteen years, graduated from Dar-Hadeeth, received many ijaazaat from different Ulema, received recommendations for his knowledge and not just his salafiyah, so to spread a jarh without any proofs especially from an individual (Khalid Uthman) who just sat with the Mashaayikh on Umrah only is unjust.

    Another example is in the section – IN DEFENSE OF the SCHOLARS- you posted (Sh.Rabee: Whoever attacks Sh.Ubaid follows the Path of the Devils). I was concerned that people would feel this statement was recent, and they may begin to feel that it was directed towards Shaikh Yahya, so I posted: (this is my original post) "Due to current issues, it would be beneficial to know when this statement was made because there isn't a date on the post. Is it old or new? Because some brothers may unjustly say that this is a refutation of a certain Shaykh. BarakAllaah Feekum." The admin. took out "Due to current issues.... and, Because some brothers may unjustly say that this is a refutation of a certain Shaykh" and posted the rest. That is the reason you replied with the following:
    See link:

    Then you removed my post completely. Brothers, remember we have to narrate with precision, by doing this you're not just tampering with a person's speech but also your credibility. It is better for you not to post the speech than to tamper with it and then post it. My dear brothers fear Allah in all your affairs and make your worship strictly for Allah!

    3. Not clearly making apparent your retractions from your mistakes. When you promoted your new book "The Rise of the Jihadist Extremism in the West", it was a sticky and stayed up for a while for everyone to see. You even had an infomercial – like advertisement for it, which was extremely disturbing because it seem like you were using the dawa to make pounds/dollars.

    When you were exposed for plagiarizing, you wrote this small font retraction and did not make it a sticky, rather you placed it at the end (last page #11) of the original post as if it's not that important. Akwan, it seems that you were more concerned about making money than making tawba. Allah said,

    سورة التحريم 8 " ...يا أيّها الذين ءامنوا توبوا إل الله توبة نصوحا "

    " O you who believe, Turn to Allah with sincere repentance" Surat- Tahreem, 8

    Follow the footsteps of the Ulema like: Shaikh Muqbil , Shaikh Rabee, and others who made their retractions as clear as the sun, because this is a sign of sincerity and desiring rectification, InshaAllah this will do nothing but raise you in rank. May Allah give you the Tawfeeq!

    4. Not being completely honest about your position between Shaikh Yahya and Shaikh Ubaid. Brothers, there were two occasions in which I translated some beneficial points from Shaikh Yahya, but you did not post it, and this was before he openly refuted SPUBS. The section In Defense of the Scholars should be renamed In Defense of Sh. Ubaid al-Jaabiree. Just like people have said things about Shaikh Ubaid, people have also said things about Shaikh Yahya, but you were in no rush to defend him. This shows that your position was already confirmed before he refuted you. I am not here to convince you to take a specific position, that deserves another letter, but I am here to encourage you to be honest about the position you have taken. Once again, these are things that can cause your credibility to diminish with the people. May Allah give you the Tawfeeq!

    5. You should leave the lands of the kuffar and come to the lands of the Muslims. Even if you follow the opinion that it is permissible to reside in the lands of the kuffar if you can practice your deen, why would you want to raise your family in that environment? The ulema and students of knowledge are here in the Muslim world. You and your families should be present here to learn your deen, so you can worship Allah upon insight, not around the defenders of kufr and homosexuality. Yes, it can be difficult at times living in the Muslim lands, but there is so much virtue and reward in making hijrah. You can still do dawa by returning in the summer or over the internet, so save yourselves and your families from the Hellfire. Lastly, always ask Allah for guidance in your affairs because this was the way of the Prophets and Messengers. The Prophet (praise and peace be upon him) used to say, "Allahumma, guide me with the ones you have guided" and" O Changer of hearts, make my heart firm upon this deen". May Allah grant us the Tawfeeq.

    Ali ibn Nathaniel Grays
    Cairo, Egypt
    email: ali53215@hotmail.com
    9 Rajab 1432 H/june 10, 2011


    SPUBS' REPLY via email

    In the name of Allaah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy.

    As-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh,

    Your email has been noted.

    Where your advice is applicable it will be implemented. And where it is not applicable, it will be discarded.

    ** Please do not reply to this email **

    Was-salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh.


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    Posted by Mohsin

    Spubs claim that they have not changed from the time Imaam al Waadi'ee raheemahullaah praised them, based on what he knew, and even shaikh Yahyaa himself praised them when he visited them 12 years ago. But in reality they have changed, and we see recently many times spubs have contradicted themselves, and their own statements and writings can be used as a proofs against themselves. As the brother Aboo Ibraaheem pointed out in his treatise exposing them, in several issues they have changed and used to be upon clarity and jaaddah but have become lost. To mention a few of these contradictions and changes that have taken place:

    . Spubs distributed the clarifications of the 'ulamaa regarding the principles of jarh wat-ta'deel, and claim for themselves that they follow these principles, and take the jarh mufassar over the ta'deel mubham. But in actuality this was not done in this fitnah, and in fact they now are waiting for a particular scholar to speak or a consensus to be established, as in the issue of Ubaid al Jaabiree's serious mukhaalafaat, before accepting the detailed jarh against him. We know that a detailed jarh needs a detailed radd of each point in the jarh, but so far all they can bring are mujmalaat and mubham responses. Spubs themselves used to refute people on this path years ago with the various fitan, yet now they have fallen into it for themselves. So we still need detailed proofs why shaikh Yahyaa's jarh is not to be accepted against al-'Adanee and al-Jaabiree, not these vague and general statements, even if they come from other scholars, may Allaah preserve them (refer: http://spubs.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID...articlePages=1) The Jarh Mufassar to be taken over ta'deel mubham, but in this case they take mubham for no good reason? This is a change from what they were upon.


    . Spubs claim that they honor and defend Imaam al Waadi'ee, rahmatullaahi 'alayh, but when he was attacked unjustly like what came from al-Bukhaaree , may Allaah rectify him to the truth, spubs is silent and chose instead to defend them with more mubham statements. Why when Imaam al Albaanee raheemahullaah was attacked my those khawaarij like Safar and Salman and accused of irjaa', they published pages after pages refuting them, but when Imaam al Waadi'ee is accused of khurooj and takfeer there is pindrop silence from these so called defenders of the 'ulamaa? And we should not accept shaikh Yahyaa's refutation of al-Bukhaaree? They claim aloloom slanders the scholars yet when imaam al-Waadi'ee is slandered they remain silent and instead defend those who slandered him? And it is slander- even spubs themselves know what Imaam al Waadi'ee died upon and that he recanted some mistakes before he returned to Allaah azza wa jall, and that he warned against the khawaarij generally and specifically, and he said it is not permissible to distribute those prior statements from him- refer to spubs' own translation, transcription and publishing his tape "What I witnessed in Saudi Arabia" (refer: http://spubs.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID...articlePages=1) So they once defended him, now they don't. Another change.

    . They claim not to follow the deviated path of Faalih al Harbee in warning against salafiyeen without detailed proofs, refusing to accept his false tabdee' of the ulamaa in our time, but they are silent when Ubaid Al-Jaabiree similarly warned against shaikh Yahyaa and Dammaaj, the fortress of salafiyyah in our time, without any proofs, rather speaking with oppression. (http://spubs.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID...articlePages=1) They say the proofs aren't sufficient against Ubaid al Jaabiree for them to take a position against him, but then why are the statements with no proofs that al-Jaabiree leveled against Shaikh Yahyaa and Dammaaj sufficient, at least for them not to defend Dammaaj and some of them speak against it themselves? Yet another change!

    . They claim that they took the advice of shaikh Rabee' hafeedahullaah, which was actually the advice he had specifically regarding the situation of Abdur-Rahmaan al 'Adanee, and claim they are not becoming involved in fitnah, yet their statements and actions prove otherwise. Either they openly warn against Dammaaj, like McDowell did, or secretly, or by tacit approval (by remaining silent about the attacks from al-Jaabiree and McDowell's evil speech). So what happened to the advice of shaikh Rabee'? If they claim they are with shaykh Rabee', then they should also be with him in defending Dammaaj, but why then we don't see this from them? Yet another change? Why don't they spread shaikh Rabee's advice for people to go to Dammaaj and his praises of shaikh Yahyaa? Why censor shaikh Rabee's defences of Dammaaj and even shaikh Rabee's statements against Ubaid al Jaabiree warnings on Dammaaj? Why censor some of what shaikh Rabee' says and let through other speech from him?

    They have refuted those who call to elections and democarcy yet when Ubaid al Jaabiree advised ahl as sunnah to enter into this bid'i affair in 'Iraaq they were either silent or denied it altogether. (Refer: http://www.spubs.com/sps/sad/mp3.cfm?scn=dl&LeID=43 and http://www.salafitalk.com/threads/88). Just as they refuted jam'iyyah ahle hadeeth for taking incorrect fataawaa with regards to politics, doesn't this baatil fatwaa also need to be clarified, along with his other deviant fataawaa which have been refuted, like going to a soothsayer, Birmingham is Daar al Hijrah, etc.? Or have spubs changed yet again to accomodate Ubaid al Jaaabiree's incorrect fataawaa by now remaining silent about these affairs for him unlike in the past?

    . They claim they respect and honor shaikh Yahyaa, and some of them used to claim that shaikh Yahyaa is their shaikh on audio cassettes, yet now they speak of him with blatant disrespect, claiming that he has been swindled by "fanatical lying youth." Rather, his responses to al-Jaabiree, spubs, and others is based on the reality of the affair and is plain for him and everyone else to see. To suggest he can be hoodwinked into refuting people without proofs is another atrocious slander and wicked attempt to discredit shaikh Yahyaa, hafeedahullaah. So they used to consider him their shaikh, but now he is someone who has been fooled into attacking the maktabah? Another change?

    . They claim they do not follow and that they warn against the false principles of al-ma'ribee and al-halabee, but in this fitnah they have stuck to these baatil principles, and refer to the book Al-Ibaanah by Shaikh Muhammad al Imaam, which has many of these same baatil principles in it. So they warned against al-Halabee's book of falsehood, but now promote al-Ibaanah? Another change

    . They claim that the da'wah is not about numbers yet repeatedly indicate how many people attend their seminars, and use this as a yardstick as a sign of success:

    August 17, 2008
    Conference gathers thousands! Al-hamdulillaah

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    General at 7:10 am (no comments)

    The conference so far has been a huge success with an attendance of a few thousand.
    The feedback has been excellent from those attending.
    Paltalk numbers have exceeded over 350 at times with two rooms open to accomodate the capacity.
    Shaikh Falaah bin Ismaa’eel has been received with great joy by those attending and the eloquent translation has added to the beauty of the lectures.
    Both Arabic and English books/CDs have been bought in their thousands.
    The atmosphere has been friendly and brotherly.
    Come join us today | either by attending or on Paltalk.
    Your donations are welcome

    Refer to : http://salaf.com/2008/08/17/conferen...lhamdulillaah/

    Also refer to their statement: "The Salafi centres in the West regularly arrange links with Shaikh Ubaid, Shaikh Rabee and Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee in a singular conference, with attendances numbers in the several hundreds, if not in the thousands. So these Scholars and those who follow their way and manhaj and are not harmed in the least"

    So does this mean that because hundreds or thousands of people have attended, the truth and its people are benefitted by this because they are not harmed in the least? And if so, then the conferences of ikhwaan al muslimeen must be upon the haqq even moreso because they may have scores more attend theirs... And conversely if only a few attended the conferences, would the truth and its people have been harmed by this? Allaahul musta'aan, this is not the da'wah salafiyyah at all! So what happened to the da'wah not being about numbers? The da'wah and its principles have not changed, but people do.


    Their position on photography and videotaping. They used to staunchly warn against this and even refuted the deviant Bilal Phillips for promoting himself using his picture on his website. They refuted Bilal Phillips understanding of Imam al'Uthaimeen (raheemahullaah's) fatwaa that allowed photos, and showed that it is not appropriate for the caller to tawheed to boast photos of himself- to the point that Bilal Phillips eventually removed the picture. (Refer to 2nd reply to Bilal Phillips) Spubs also refuted jam'iyyah ahle hadeeth and others for their infatuation with pictures. Then seven years later or so, that spubs themselves are making and distributing pictures and videos of themselves... and then when they are advised about it from the brothers, now they claim ikhtilaaf etc, can be used for da'wah purposes, etc. And this is not only an issue of fiqh- it involves aqeedah, da'wah and tawheed, and these are usool they based their previous rudood upon. So this is yet another change!

    And more changes have taken place, and maybe some of the borthers here can expound upon some of them. We ask Allaah to return them to the truth and jaaddah upon salafiyyah, ameen.

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    وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَى تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

    beautiful and beneficial compilation by our brother Abu fajr


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    Spubs stated:
    Abu Usamah opposes both of these Salafi principles over and over again in his rants. On the one hand he rejects the detailed evidences for the disparagement of many Scholars against innovators like al-Ma'ribee, using all sorts of childish rants and games, and on the other hand he makes use of the speech of Shaikhs: Wasi'ullaah, al-Hajooree and ar-Radaadee against Salafi Publications which comprise nothing more than allegations without any actual evidence. Furthermore, he fails in his treachery to mention that both al-Hajooree and ar-Radaadee have previously declared Green Lane to be hizbees! - more on that in a later article, inshaa'Allaah.

    Allaahul musta'aan. All of these proofs like those mentioned on this thread above and elsewhere on aloloom are mere allegations without actual evidence? To the blind, perhaps.

    The arrogance and deceit of this jam'iyyah 'spubs' sees no end. Just as Abu Usamah adh-dhahabi, may Allah guide him, constantly contradicts himself and picks and chooses whatever positions he wants to in support of himself and jam'iyyah ahle hadeeth, so does spubs in supporting their own agenda and duping their blind followers. They only difference is the lowly maktabah (used to) hide this better than Abee Qilaamah, may Allaah guide all of them.

    This is also another insult to shaikh Yahyaa al Hajoori hafeedahullaah, and these sufahaa sufalaa have become accustomed to dining on the flesh of the 'ulamaa lately, whilst simultaneously pumping up their own ignoramuses as 'mashaayikh'.

    We are still waiting for the tawbah from these fanatical juhhaal from the document "The scholars on shaikh Yahyaa" and the salafitalk slander which was proven to be full of falsehood and buhtaan. It is better to repent now before they are dealt with on the day of judement, wallaahul musta'aan.



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